Name Total Team Breakdown
Ben Alibone
7 Kettering Town Goal (7) Penalty (0)
Zacorie Allen
7 Corby Town Goal (7) Penalty (0)
Ikechukwa Onwuegbuzie
6 Corby Kingswood Goal (6) Penalty (0)
Nathan Best
6 Kettering Town Goal (6) Penalty (0)
Josef Ginns
6 Rothwell Corinthians Goal (6) Penalty (0)
Langley Voss
5 Rothwell Corinthians Goal (5) Penalty (0)
Jordan O`Brien
5 Corby Town Goal (5) Penalty (0)
Dylan Pearson
3 S&L Goal (3) Penalty (0)
Hilton Arthur
3 Corby Town Goal (3) Penalty (0)
Craig Sutton
3 Corby Town Goal (3) Penalty (0)
Marcel Pawlik
3 Kettering Town Goal (3) Penalty (0)
Corey Wildman
2 S&L Goal (2) Penalty (0)

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Whitworths Withdraw
West Whitworths Withdraw

Very sadly, Whitworths have been forced to withdraw from the Northants Senior Youth League.

General Secretary Wanted....
General General Secretary Wanted....

Due to illness, the Northants Senior Youth League are in need of a general secretary and Child Welfare Officer.

News From The AGM
General News From The AGM

The AGM of the Northants Senior Youth League was....

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